Become a Member with Knox Leisureworks

At Knox Leisureworks, we believe in working with you to ensure you're achieving your health and fitness goals whilst enjoying a happy and balanced lifestyle.  

Whether you're looking to improve your overall health and well-being, train for a goal or event, practice active rehabilitation, lose weight, or connect with a group of like-minded people; our professional and friendly team will work with you to achieve your individual goals. 

‚ÄčOnce you become a member with us, you're not on your own. All members receive ongoing support and encouragement from qualified and motivated health and fitness professionals. We're here to support you in making a positive change towards a healthier and happier lifestyle whilst ensuring that these changes become positive habits that you keep.

Platinum Membership

Platinum members receive an unprecedented level of access to all facilities at Knox Leisureworks.

The Platinum membership gives you the opportunity to use a wide range of services and programs.
Providing unsurpassed value, benefits and giving you the complete member experience – plus exclusive offers, discounts and recognition.


  • Unlimited, 24/7 gym access (including ongoing support from the Health Club team)
  • Unlimited pool access
  • Access to all group fitness classes including virtual classes
  • Free childcare
  • Free locker usage
  • 20% discount on merchandise purchases
  • 10% discount in the SWELL caf√©
  • 10% discount on birthday parties

Platinum Membership

Our premium membership option is designed specifically to help you reach your health & fitness goals and cater to your needs. The Platinum member experience presents an unrivaled level of value for you and your family. Joining fee $69.00 | Adult $25.95pw | Concession $22.75pw

Aquatic Membership

Aquatic will give you the best jump start into our swimming pools and your health and fitness goals.

Whether you're looking to improve your lap times, enjoy an Aqua Zumba class or soothe your aches and pains in our warm water pool - the aquatic membership will provide you with all of the water based activities you need.

Aquatic members receive unlimited access to all 7 of our pools and 30 aquatic group fitness classes each week.



  • Unlimited pool access
  • Unlimited access to aquatic group fitness classes
  • Free lockers
  • 10% discount on merchandise purchases

Gym and Fitness Membership

Gym and Fitness will provide you with the perfect platform to get started on your health and fitness goals. With unlimited access to our 24/7 gym and access to over 100 land-based and virtual group fitness classes.

As well as the full support of the Health Club team - you will be well on your way to reaching and surpassing your goals in no time!


  • Unlimited gym access (including ongoing support from the Health Club team)
  • Access to all group fitness classes including virtual classes
  • 24/7 gym access with the purchase of a wristband
  • Free locker usage
  • 10% discount on merchandise purchases
  • Discounted waterslide access

Aquatic Membership

The perfect option for the swimmer or aqua group fitness lover, the Aquatic membership gives you everything you need to enjoy the swimming pools at Knox Leisureworks. This membership gains you full access to all swimming pools, spa facilities and aquatic group fitness classes. Joining fee $69.00 | Adult $14.50pw | Concession $11.60pw

Gym & Fitness Membership

The Gym & Fitness membership is designed specifically for those looking to get the most out of their gym and group fitness workouts. This membership includes unlimited gym access, including support from the Health Club team, as well as unlimited land a virtual group fitness. Joining fee $69.00 | Adult $19.50pw | Concession $17.00pw

Active Adults

Active Adults is specifically designed to support people over 50 to build fitness and strength - it is never too late to be fit and healthy.

As we get older, physical exercise becomes increasingly important for a wide range of physical and mental health reasons.

Members receive access to a wide range of age-specific classes including aquatic and land classes, in addition to all mainstream aquatic classes.
embers also have unlimited access to all pools, including the warm water pool and spa.


  • Unlimited pool access
  • Access to age-specific land-based group fitness
  • Unlimited access to aquatic group fitness session
  • Free locker access
  • 10% discount on merchandise purchases

Active Teens

Active Teens is designed to teach young children and teenagers (aged 12 to 15) all about physical fitness. Our qualified health and fitness professionals design a safe, fun and exciting workout for these younger members.

The idea of the Active Teens membership is to set the foundations for "fitness for life" by teaching how to correctly use gym equipment and learning correct technique.


  • Designed for ages 12 to 15
  • Unlimited pool access
  • Gym access weekdays 4pm to 6.30pm
  • Fully supervised by qualified health and fitness professional
  • Support, guidance and monitoring
  • Initial consultation with member and parent
  • Individual gym program
  • Free locker usage
  • Ongoing program updates
  • 10% discount on merchandise purchases

Active Adults

Our Active Adults membership has been specifically designed for those aged 50 years or older who are looking to improve their strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness and balance. We've taken a selection of age and goal appropriate classes and options to find the perfect mix for the Active Adults member. Joining fee $69.00 | Adult $13.75pw

Teen Trainer

Getting into the fitness routine from an early age is pivotal for physical development. Our Teen Trainer membership has been designed with this in mind. From 12 years of age up to 16, our Teen Trainer members will learn all about the right types of exercises and movement technique that will set them up for success! Joining fee $44.00 | Teen (12-16) $16.45pw

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